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Sunday, July 13, 2008


A Kid Hereafter delivers 3 great shows at Roskilde festival 2008
In a display of talent rarely seen these days AKH shows how deep they can dig to entertain all kinds of music lovers. From pop to grind to classical A Kid Hereafter live reflects the trend to fill your ipod with genres that used to be no mans land for people on the fringes.

The grind show had all its usual punch although the set was not the tightest the grinding light has ever played-the grind fans seemed quite satisfied and the closet grind and metal fans were coming out left right and center. Fast and furious is the name of the game here and when the grinding light play one of their tracks in half speed during the show they neatly show how lame most rock riffs are.

If Squarepusher were a grind act then we could talk BPM.

The pop show kicked off the trilogy of concerts with a power packed performance from start to finish. AKH has a big bag of pop hits to pick from. The songs Zero and Yo and Don Wanna be from the forth coming album all sounded like magic. When the band played the on the way to be a classic song Play Drums 1000-1500 kids all sang along- testament to the power of myspace as the song has never been aired on the radio but has almost 40,000 plays on the site.

2ooo people with their hands in the air is always an awe inspiring moment when you see it from the stage. The crowds at all 3 shows were absolutely brilliant and they seem to get what AKH is all about. A Kid Hereafter is a party band with well written fun tunes that poke fun at all kinds of subjects especially themselves. The skills the band delivers on stage always leave the same impression, like it or not these guys know what they are doing. God knows there are way too many electro shoe gazer bands around these days. Even with the coolest of cool band names old Joy Division and Depeche Mode songs redone in a 2008 way is seriously underwhelming us.

The amazing group of talent assembled for the A Kid Hereafter and Slaves to Truth show at Roskilde Festival 2008 left one main impression:We have to do this again a.s.a.p..
So much time and energy from so many people culminated in a great show marred by one major drawback: the sound.
It seems our dear friends and festival mates Slayer managed to pull a Spinal Tap on AKH and had their amps turned up to 11 on a dial of 1-10.

Once again the crowd rallied behind the band which had grown to 30 plus members the band that is.The audience of several thousands marveled over the symphonic versions of their pop favs, but the bass buzz from Slayer made it almost impossible for our string wiz kids on stage to hear their own instruments. So we were depending on the crowd to hear the show cause anyone onstage could mostly hear the bass line and bass drum from next door. A quick jaunt into the audience made the whole affair even a bit more painful, although what you could hear sounded great. Slayer you must get a hold of us we want to warm up for you with this beautiful 35 piece band and we can grind you too! Check back again as we will go a little more into detail about this wild show, also please book these guys and gals to play in your town-you wont regret it.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Kid Hereafter ready to rock Roskilde Festival 2008
Friday 04.07.08 - 19:00 - Pavilion
Saturday 05.07.08 - 14:00 - Pavilion
Sunday 06.07.08 - 16:30 - Astoria

Well its almost show time and the best bet is to let the music speak for itself.
Here is a little clip from the Classical show rehearsals that have been taking place at the Danish music conservatory. See you at the shows!


Monday, May 26, 2008


Said The Shark- Spot Festival- June 7 22:00

A Kid Hereafter- Roskilde festival July 4-5-6- 12 midnight

Said the Shark are playing at this years Spot festival on June 7th at 22.00
in Arhus Denmark, they just played in England over the weekend.Maya Saxell
is Canadian and came to Denmark to record an album-maybe Spot will be her ticket out of here.

Labels and agents will eventually notice that Said The Shark have released two critically acclaimed albums in Denmark-"Always Prattling on About Wolves" and Silly Killings". Quality records have a way of rising to the top. Live, the band invites you into the dream like world of Maya Saxell standing front and center with her guitar.

In a cool calm and collective way Maya tells her stories with her rich and distinctive voice. The band joins in beautifully to lead her melancholic march, they are; Kim Oxlund guitars keyboards and gadgets: Rasmus Kabelka bass : Mikkel Langlo drums : Hans Kjelstrup guitars.

A Kid Hereafter-

Frederik Thaae and crew are rehearsing like mad to prepare for all three shows at Roskilde festival 2008 . The will play July 4th,5th.6th at midnight-check the program.

Roskilde festival is maybe the coolest festival in the world.
They have been non-profit right from the start and support many worthy causes.

Oh by the way AKH just finished the new album, due out in August. Danish National radio is playing the new single "Paris". Folks we have to confess the new album is a monster. You can check out he video for Paris here.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Said the Shark - Silly Killings reviews

Jens Østergaard - WHERE2GO MAGAZINE - 5 stars

When Said the Shark released their debut album Always Prattling On About Wolves in 2006, it was as a duo consisting of Canadian Maya Saxell and Danish Kim Oxlund. The two are still the core of this follow-up, but they are surrounded by a myriad of musicians, contributing with everything from mandolin and shouting to sounds made by squeaking doors and household appliances. The sound is still offbeat, windy and fairytale-esq, like the pages of an old childrens book, but Said the Shark's universe has become more complex and chaotic - a development that definitely doesn't make the project any less appealing.

Jeppe Krogsgaard Christensen - BERLINGSKE TIDENDE - 5 stars

One of the finest albums of 2006 came from Danish-Canadian Said the Shark, who debuted a held back, almost crawling beauty.

The debut avoided the big fireworks and trusted instead that the listener would discover the instrumental details lying under the calm surface. And then there were Maya Saxell's vocals with a sensuality like Cat Power and an intensity like Under Byen's Henriette Sennevaldt. On Silly Killings these virtues are still intact and at the same time a few noise bursts have found their way into the creaking, whispering and jangling of the songs... All made with a delicate intuition, paired with Saxell's piercing verses; "Simon said, 'kiss me, I'll give you a penny.' You thought he said 'Kick me,' and you gave him plenty" can be heard on the album, and that's a fine example of how Said the Shark strays from the ordinary. Blissful.

Henrik Nilsson - KBH MAGAZINE - 5 stars

Said the shark is both a quirky and a liberating addition to the Danish music scene.

In the stream of fashionable and well-produced bands with hit upon hit, they are something else with their slowly working and hypnotizing lo-fi rock. It's not completely Danish... Canadian Maya Saxell's, at times, mumbling and whispering vocals, in all their poetic beauty, grip and spellbind. Since the 2006 debut more musicians and instruments have been added, but it's still the calm and simple that is the bands very big force. Breathtaking.

Click here to pre-order the album from targetshop.dk

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The release of Said the Shark's new album, Silly Killings, is drawing nearer and it has already received it's first two reviews from KBH Magazine and Where To Go Magazine. They've both given the album 5 stars! It will hit stores on March 17 and on Thursday March 13, the band will throw a release party at Loppen, Cph at 21.00. There will be free beer if you arrive early and the band will play songs from their new album.

You can already pre-order the new Said the Shark album Silly Killings from Targetshop.dk and receive free full album mp3's up to two weeks prior to the album's March 17 release.

Pre-order from Targetshop.dk (dk)

Monday, October 22, 2007

AKH in Dublin

The Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin was a great success. A Kid Hereafter performed to around 800 people at the Tripod Complex.You can see a video of 7 Days Later performed live at the festival. Frederik and Captain Woman were interviewed by Sinister Pete from Phantom Radio in Dublin. If you like indie and alternative, especially up-tempo. click on the link and listen to Phantom: its a great station and you can be way up on the Irish acts of tomorrow. Pete also started playing The AKH single Hollywood Conspiracy on his morning show, so tune in online and hear the Dane rock Dublin. Special thanks to Brian, Angela, and Eimear from HCWH Festival- they were very kind and cool and the festival was extremely well organized, thanks again.

The band was in great shape especially considering how much Guinness had been consumed in the 48 hours up to the show. With no sound check and 25 minutes to display their goods, the gang took to the stage and quickly set up their gear.Even the best sound man in Denmark had his hands full with the six piece outfit. There is a lot of sound to tame at an AKH show.
As the show progressed the place filled up and the sound was getting better with each song and thats all that Frederik and crew needed to slowly take control and delight an enthusiastic audience.

AKH manages to play so many different styles in one show and make them all fit perfectly next to one another, they are a site to behold. From Grind to Classical seems like a stretch but it works.
Several new songs are in the live show wetting the appetite for the new album, Party for Religious People is a masterpiece.

Irish WE TV on RTE2 interviewed our kids as well. It was a fun interview, great questions and we cant wait to see it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Kid Hereafter Vesterbro Festival

A Kid Hereafter at Vesterbro Festival. A good time was had by all those who dared to brave the cold Danish rainy summer day. Hearts were warmed immediately as AKH jumped into their show all clad in happy pink outfits, except of course the shadow. The nice thing about the Kid shows is that everyone has a smile on their face. It seems A Kid and crew are deemed to be the ultimate pre-festival band having turned all the right heads at their Pre-Spot gig. Come on lets do Pre-Roskilde.

These cool women are having fun on stage and this photo by Mikkel Rønne captures that. From right to left we have Captain Woman a super talent, her sweet sister, Miriam my Muse, and on the far left the classical charmer, Hanna Headbanger. These intelligent women have talent, beauty and attitude. They keep a watchful eye over the boys in the band, who in general, considering their ages, are very immature and drink too much. Thats why they dress in pink, to calm things down. The Shadow in black, as the wild card, is very mature.

Is this one of Denmarks hardest and heavy grindcore bands? If you have to ask you are never going to know how hardcore A Kid Hereafter really is. Currently gathering dust is a whole grind album that the kid recorded but plays only to his girlfriend and some other music nerds. Lately fans familiar with the show start calling for heavy halfway through the concerts . Proving that the band arent the only hardcore metal freaks afraid to come out of the closet during daylight hours in Denmark. Read Frederiks blog ,it is really well written and fun to read. M


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